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Oak Point Associates provided Architectural and Engineering design services for a renovation project at Southern Maine Community College. A phased approach was desired in order to complete the renovations while allowing the Campus Center to maintain daily operations and occupancy throughout the design and construction process.

The first phase of the project included the relocation of the College Bookstore to accommodate expansion of the café servery and seating area. The new bookstore was relocated to a centralized prominent location previously used as a student lounge area and provides greater exposure to students, faculty and visitors. The bookstore layout was designed through a series of programming meetings with the user groups, which culminated in a well thought-out plan balancing retail merchandising and textbook displays. Display fixture and finish upgrades provide a modern, cutting edge bookstore to help satisfy the College’s current and future growth and enrollment projections.

The second phase of the project was to expand the Seawolves Café into the previous bookstore location. Oak Point Associates worked in concert with the College foodservice vendor on the servery and seating layout. The vendor provided the foodservice equipment layout and equipment requirements for Oak Point Associates to use in development of the Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical design. The Café expansion includes enhancing the diner’s experience by providing exterior porch seating that offers a highly visible student interface with the dynamic Campus Center courtyard activities.

Client: Southern Maine Community College
  • Phased design delivery
  • Exposed original arched  brick walls in interior which had been enclosed in previous alterations
  • Removed the low existing suspended ceiling and provided floating ceiling planes in the higher, more spacious volume
  • Incorporated updated graphic design elements from the College marketing portfolio emphasizing the College’s oceanfront location.
  • Provided new insulation and infiltration barrier between café space and the unheated attic above to improve energy performance