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Oak Point Associates provided Architectural and Engineering design services for a renovation project at Southern Maine Community College.

The renovations included the student admissions, registration, and advising areas located in the existing Campus Center.  The design solution removed the maze-like configuration of existing concrete block walls and provided open space with clear visibility to students to the essential service functions by using large expanses of floor to ceiling glass in the corridor areas and glass walled workstations for support staff.  Graphics and screened patterns applied to select areas of the glass panels were used for wayfinding and privacy.  A large sliding glass panel was provided at the entrance to the registration and advising areas which is left open during normal office hours to allow easy access.  Inviting waiting areas with contemporary lounge seating were placed at the entrances with student computer stations and printers available.  The existing central student lounge area and connecting corridor were upgraded with new porcelain tile flooring, carpet, ceilings and linear lighting to provide light and bright spaces.  New ventilation and air conditioning were provided using efficient energy recovery units.

 Also as part of the project, new signage and wayfinding were designed.  This included wall-mounted pendant signs that utilized the college’s graphic icons, as well as interior building directories, and exterior campus maps.

Client: Southern Maine Community College
  • Removal of interior walls to increase visibility and light
  • Upgraded finishes and furnishings to provide a contemporary space for students to gather and study
  • Development of a comprehensive signage and wayfinding  package