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Chelsea was awarded a major capital improvements project by the State of Maine for its grade K-8 School. Oak Point evaluated the school facility and programs and determined that construction of a new pre-kindergarten through eighth grade facility on the existing school site was the best solution for meeting the needs of the school.

The two-story classroom wing is divided to provide separate groupings of spaces for pre-kindergarten through second grade, third through fifth grade, sixth through eighth grade and shared use classrooms. Circulation patterns allow students to access their classrooms without disturbing students in other sections of the building. The main office suite, cafeteria, stage, music room, gymnasium, library and computer room are separated from the classroom wing to allow after hours public use of the facilities while keeping the classrooms secure. The building layout and security features can provide for controlled access to each section of the building if needed while allowing for free movement throughout on a regular basis.

The project is registered with USGBC and LEED Silver certification is anticipated. Sustainable design components include building orientation optimized for solar properties and a biomass boiler system that reduces the school’s dependence on fuel oil and decreases costs for heating the building. Evacuated tube solar collectors provide domestic hot water for the building. Recycled content, rapidly renewable materials and low-VOC finishes were used throughout.

Client: Sheepscot Valley RSU
  • Utilization of existing school site
  • Separation of grade levels
  • Layered security features