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  • 2006 AIA Maine Design Awards: Honor Award 

Oak Point Associates completed an extensive renovation at its Biddeford, Maine design studio. The premise for the redesign was to develop a creative, pleasing environment while emphasizing the character and appeal of the 1910 building that had been covered up for many years.

It was critical that spaces be reconfigured so that employees of the firm could operate efficiently on a daily basis. Therefore a significant portion of the redesign project focused on space planning and evaluating how work flows through the firm. The eight departments that make up the firm are distributed over three stories, but are configured into multidisciplinary project teams that require frequent contact.

The design team took advantage of the natural light provided by the tall windows that run along the front of the building. Translucent panels were utilized for walls to bring natural light into interior spaces. One conference room did not require additional light fixtures due to a sufficient amount of natural light that filters into the space. Curved ceilings were constructed in two conference rooms and enclosed offices by forming the translucent panels to a light redwood structure, introduced as an accent to the red brick walls.

A combination of light birch, used to build custom workspaces and shelving, the redwood trim, and open ceiling with exposed beams work well together to create a clean, contemporary environment. Fluorescent light fixtures were suspended playfully at varying angles from the ceiling to provide the appropriate amount of lighting in each work space, while accenting the structure above. The warmth of the exposed brick, task lighting, and colors and finishes selected help make the studio a comfortable environment to work in.

Client: Oak Point Associates
  • Renovation of existing building to preserve historical character while providing a modern workplace
  • Work areas that balance openness with privacy to encourage work efficiency and communication
  • Playful color palette and curved design elements