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The Jefferson Village School project replaced an existing school building with a new pre-K through Grade 8 facility. The existing school dated from the early 20th century, with additions and portable classroom units having been added over time. The town felt very strongly about remaining on the existing site, which is within the traditional village center. The 5-acre site was too small and too steeply sloped to accommodate construction of the new school while operating the existing school during construction. By acquiring adjacent land from a neighbor and utilizing the town’s existing recreational complex, the new facility was able to remain on the existing site.

The new facility includes a two-story school building; parking areas; a playground; and new baseball, softball and soccer fields. The school is sited on top of a hill that overlooks the village and Damariscotta Lake, oriented for passive solar benefit, and is adjacent to the town office. The massing of the building was broken down using different types of masonry and varied roof lines in order to minimize the size from the surrounding vantage points.

New program space includes a gymnasium, cafeteria, and a library that doubles as the town’s public library. Sustainable features include a biomass boiler, daylighting and views, and a solar hot water system.

Client: Maine AOS93
  • Improved the quality and quantity of classroom and core facility space
  • Maximized daylighting and views on a hilltop site
  • Broke the massing of the building into smaller components to minimize the appearance of the building from the surrounding views