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  • LEED Platinum Certified

The Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) houses three units with a combined required strength of 189 personnel. The center provides the necessary administrative, training and support, storage, and equipment storage areas required to achieve proficiency in required training tasks. The facility includes a three-level AFRC building, two separate unheated storage buildings, a controlled waste handling facility, and a flammable materials storage building. Also included at the facility are a military vehicle parking area, access roads, parking lots, and utilities.

The new facility is located on an environmentally sensitive site with significant restrictions such as wetlands, vernal pools, and langerel amphibians. The design for the facility met the program requirements while minimizing site impacts through the use of gabion retaining walls and on-site stormwater management.

Design of the facility was accomplished through cooperation of the Navy and USMC, which built a reserve center on the same site, adjacent to the proposed facility. The AFRC shares parking and site access with the USMC facility.

The AFRC facility is LEED Platinum certified. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems incorporated features to maximize energy conservation such as geothermal heating and cooling, radiant floors, an automated building control, and lighting control systems. The facility includes extensive green roofs as well as a rainwater harvesting system. High performance wall and roof systems were employed to increase the efficiency of the building. Energy simulations were utilized throughout the design process to select the most efficient mechanical systems and maximize the return on investment.

Client: Maine Army National Guard
  • Multiple buildings to provide administrative, training, support, and storage functions
  • Site includes military vehicle parking, access roads, and parking lots
  • Site design accomplished through cooperation with the USMC