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The Mount View School is a three-in-one facility that provided Maine’s geographically largest school district with a 185,000 square foot elementary, middle and high school. The complex supports approximately 1,100 students, replaced an early 1960’s era building and nine portable classrooms, added a pre-Kindergarten classroom, and helped relieve district-wide overcrowding by regionalizing the 6th grade. The elementary school serves the local population, whereas the middle and high schools serve the entire district.

The new school was constructed on land adjacent to the existing school while the existing school remained in session.  The existing site was previously 40 acres in size, and approximately 30 additional acres were acquired in order to build the new facility.  During the summer prior to opening, the existing school was demolished and parking areas and additional athletic fields were installed in that location.


The facility is designed to provide autonomy to three schools that take advantage of shared core services and resources. Elementary and middle school students share a cafeteria and gymnasium, while high school students benefit from separate facilities. The two cafeterias share one kitchen but are separated by a moveable wall, providing flexibility to accommodate large community functions. The elementary wing has its own library, while middle and high schools share a separate library.

The interior of the school provides students with daylight-filled spaces and extensive views over a valley and across to facing mountains, setting the stage for an engaged learning experience. Classrooms and libraries are equipped with the latest in multi-media technologies, and students have access to computer labs, art and music rooms, and fitness facilities.

All students, as well as community members, are provided access to an impressive, state-of-the art auditorium. Support and funding amounting to $500,000 provided by the local population allowed for many technological upgrades. Stakeholder involvement and community input were key components of the design process, which also led to the installation of a sophisticated woodchip boiler. The new facility was enthusiastically received – a testament to the strengthened link between school and community.

Client: Maine RSU 3
  • The design incorporated three separate schools within one building
  • Shared core facilities located at the heart of the school conserve resources while providing safe public access
  • State-of-the-art auditorium
  • Biomass heating system