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  • LEED Silver Certified

The Regional Training Institute and Barracks is a specially designed educational facility for the New Hampshire Army National Guard which supports both State and Federal missions for training Army Guard members. Centrally located in Pembroke, New Hampshire, the two-building complex includes one building for training and administrative functions, and a second building for housing. Site components include access and parking for private and military vehicles, a running track, outdoor classroom, habitat protection zones, site security and anti-terrorism/force protection features.

In addition to administrative offices, the training building includes multiple sizes of classrooms with specialized features and flexible configurations, including a distance learning center, a physical fitness training area, an auditorium, and a dining facility with a full commercial kitchen. The classroom spaces are multi-functional and can be configured and subdivided to accommodate various group sizes and course requirements. The barracks building includes centralized common areas along with groupings of sleeping quarters for one to four individuals where students can be segregated from each other according to their classes and level of training undertaken. The barracks also feature an area that is sound-isolated for officer training candidates. The facilities are fully ADA compliant.

The facilities are located on a previously undeveloped site where ecological considerations are of great importance. Special attention has been given to the protection of threatened and endangered indigenous plant and animal (lupine, snake and butterfly) species known to inhabit the site. Low Impact Development practices are employed to minimize environmental impacts related to site disturbance and stormwater treatment, including pervious pavement and a series of bio-retention basins. Additional practices include wetlands protection and a nearby wellhead aquifer protection zone. The buildings are located and designed to take maximum advantage of solar orientation. The facilities have a solar domestic hot water system, and a rainwater harvesting system. A solar photovoltaic system is utilized on the outdoor classroom building. Multiple materials and products used in the construction of the facility have been locally sourced and manufactured within 500 miles of the job site. Electric Traction elevators are utilized, which reduce energy consumption from a typical elevator by approximately 70 percent. These units also use vegetable oil in lieu of petroleum products making them more environmentally friendly. Low VOC products and adhesives are used throughout the facilities. Enhanced commissioning was performed during design and throughout construction, including the building envelopes. During construction, almost 93 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills equating to 760 tons. The project was awarded a LEED Silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Client: New Hampshire Bureau of Public Works
  • Two-building complex that includes training, administration and housing functions designed to allow significant flexibility in programming.
  • Numerous sustainable building and site features and construction processes.
  • Careful siting of building and site elements to avoid impact on threatened and endangered indigenous flora and fauna.