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  • LEED Silver Certified

The P268 Drydock #3 Waterfront Support Facility is a combination of industrial shops and administrative project team areas which facilitate and provide support for the overhaul and repair of the US Navy's nuclear submarine fleet.

Originating with the DD1391 process in 2003, this addition and renovation project consolidates the supply and warehouse function (SEWS) into the renovated 'High Bay' (12,000 gsf renovation), places the industrial shops directly adjacent to this group and houses the project team directly over their production shops. Identified through the 'Lean Workshops' conducted on the Shipyard, these adjacencies will shorten the time required for parts, materials and paperwork to be received and delivered, project team members to work out solutions and for the production team to respond to the workload.

The first floor consists of 90% industrial shop space, with adjacent support spaces and circulation. The second floor consists of open office areas with conference rooms, strong rooms and support areas. These areas are designed as open areas to provide flexibility within the space, provide direct communication between groups and allow for reconfiguration depending on the mission objective for the repairs or overhaul.

The project is designed to achieve LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Client: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • Renovation and addition that improves productivity for workers
  • Flexible space allows reconfiguration to happen as mission objectives change
  • Anticipated to receive LEED Gold certification