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  • 2006 F.I.E.R.O. (Fire Industry Equipment Research Organization) Station Design Awards: Merit Award for Interior Functionality 

The fire station located at the Pease International Tradeport houses functions for emergency response apparatus and personnel. The department is responsible for both structural fires and emergencies on the base as well as crash and rescue operations for the international airport.

The first floor houses the operations room as well as the service bays. Twelve overhead doors provide drive-through vehicle access to both the base and the flight line. The second story of the building houses administration, training, and sleeping quarters for members of the department. Interior finishes on the first floor help to create a professional work atmosphere, while finishes on the second floor for the sleeping quarters communicate a more comfortable “residential” quality.

The sloped-roof form of the building dramatically communicates the spirit of flight and, from a practical standpoint, sheds water and snow away from the vehicle bays. A brick exterior finish complements the existing base architecture. Economical metal siding and soffiting are used with creativity and control to give these otherwise industrial materials the look of first class architectural finishes.

Generous insulation, energy-efficient radiant heat flooring, geothermal wells, and natural daylighting make this an inventive, efficient, and economical facility that compliments the rigorous Air National Guard program and construction requirements.

Client: New Hampshire Air National Guard
  • Combined living and working areas within one building
  • 12-door emergency vehicle drive-through bay area