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  • ABC Excellence in Construction Merit Award, Commercial $5-$10M category

This project included the design and construction of a 23,000 square foot new liquor store on the site of the existing 12,000 square foot store. Programmatically the new retail space almost tripled the number of sales and display areas and included increased warehouse space, two loading docks, offices, and support areas.

Major challenges of executing this project included keeping the existing retail store fully operational throughout construction, as well as coordinating existing and new parking, deliveries, and construction activities all while continuing to provide access to multiple roadways and pedestrian traffic.

The architectural “New England Cottage” aesthetic was utilized to fit into the local seacoast area, and local materials, such as New Hampshire granite, and sustainable products were utilized wherever possible. Radiant heat was used to provide a more comfortable setting for customers and retail staff in this large volume, timber-frame space. Window tinting, size, and placement were coordinated to provide diffused natural light to not compromise any overexposure to light-sensitive products.

Client: NH Division of Public Works Design and Construction
  • Glu-lam framed trusses
  • New England exterior aesthetic
  • Natural light
  • Complex phasing