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The Maine Bound Program, which provides adventure recreation experiences for University of Maine students, is currently housed in a renovated barn. This study explored the feasibility of relocating the existing functions and providing additional space for the desired program in a new construction addition to the existing New Balance Student Recreation Center.  The addition would provide the program with a suitably sized facility and consolidate student recreational activities on campus.

The program for the new space expanded on the existing elements of the Maine Bound Program and included: a 45 foot high climbing tower, 100 linear feet of 12 foot tall bouldering wall, reception desk with access to rental equipment and storage, a bicycle and ski repair shop with storage, a multi-purpose room, restrooms, offices, and support spaces.  Exterior spaces included storage space for recreational boats (kayaks/rowboats), a bicycle repair station and gathering spaces at entry points.

Two sites for the addition were explored, with several floor plans at each location. Several architectural concepts were developed illustrating form and materials for the addition. Cost estimates were developed for the architectural concepts including cost reduction options. Through a series of meetings with the University a preferred site and floor plan were established and two architectural concept options were recommended.

Client: University of Maine
  • Natural, dynamic shape of a mountain or rock outcrop is used as inspiration for the volume of the rock climbing space creating a strong link between form and function.
  • Mirroring structural elements allows the visually complex profile to be constructed economically
  • Flexible interior space maximizes the small footprint
  • Varying opacities of dia-grid skin control glare and solar heat gain.